Web Underwriting (WUN) Eligibility Questionnaire System

WUN is a web based application for the submission of eligibility questionnaires and offering documents in electronic format.

The system is designed to provide both Underwriters and Issuing/Payment Agent (IPA) banks with straight through processing of eligibility information to DTC.

How WUN or WUN-MMI works

There are two versions of this system, WUN for general underwriting and WUN-MMI for money market instrument eligibility submission. WUN is available through the DTC Web site (www.dtc.org). To gain access to WUN or WUN-MMI , you will need a user ID and password. From the WUN system homepage you may do the following:

  • Create and complete an eligibility questionnaire by product type. After entry and validation, users may submit the eligibility questionnaire for acceptance by the depository.
  • Attach offering documents and CUSIP listings.
  • Receive automatic confirmation that the questionnaire was successfully submitted.
  • WUN and WUN-MMI users can retrieve an existing or pending questionnaire.